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Wernik, Wolf Anchor 'Rags to Riches' Finale for NakedSword

SAN FRANCISCO — Falcon Studios exclusives Alam Wernik and Austin Wolf anchor the finale of “Rags to Riches” for NakedSword Originals, now in digital release.

The studio recently earned 2019 XBIZ Awards honors as Gay Studio of the Year for the third consecutive year, while Wolf was a 2019 XBIZ Awards nominee as Gay Performer of the Year.

“Directed by award-winning mr. Pam, and shot on location in New York City, the finale stars Austin and Alam, who plays a bright-eyed Brazilian boytoy who just moved to the Big Apple in search of the gay American dream,” said a studio rep. “Alam soon learns the concrete jungle is no joke as he finds himself broke, on the wrong side of the tracks, and dealing with some sketchy characters.  Determined to make it to the top, Alam has done whatever and whoever to go from ‘Rags to Riches,’ and in the series finale, he finally gets what he wants.”

In their scene, “Alam finally makes it to the A-list. He returns to his nightmarish living conditions only to throw everything he owns into a duffle bag — he’s finally had enough. Once downstairs, he tosses the bag on the sidewalk to unlock his bike when someone runs by and grabs it. Alam hops on his bike, in hot pursuit, but soon realizes how futile it is. As the sun goes down he finds himself at the piers, alone, penniless, with nowhere to go — then he remembers the kind smile of one man, Austin,” reads the promotional text.

“Back on the Upper West Side, Austin has found Alam’s wallet and made arrangements for Ian Frost to come pick it up. Waiting outside his apartment, Austin spots Alam shivering on the sidewalk. Austin invites him inside and undresses him affectionately, and they shower together before Austin leaves for a previous engagement. The next morning Austin finds Alam asleep in the guest room and makes his move. They passionately kiss and aggressively go at it, all morning long, with Austin paying extra attention to Alam’s huge, perfect bottom. Alam finally blows his load with Austin still inside him, so Austin pulls out to allow Alam to suck out every last drop. Both recognize their deep connection as Austin suggests they have brunch on 5th Avenue — looks like Alam has finally realized his dream of life on the A-list.”

Pam praised her leading men. “Austin and Alam were dynamite together; I mean, what a pairing! Austin is the quintessential top and Alam is the quintessential bottom. They just fit perfectly together and made for an explosive finale to such an awesome series.”

Additional hookups include Wernik and Parker Payne; Wolf with Frost; and Dolf Dietrich opposite Drake Rogers. Click here for a hardcore trailer, scene-by-scene breakdowns and photos and VOD/digital download details

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