Better Beauty, Cams and Computing: Adult Tech Moves Forward

LOS ANGELES — They say that porn drives technology, and indeed, technology undoubtedly drives porn, but for savvy marketers, the chicken-or-egg debate about which came first isn’t as important as how the confluence of the various consumer technologies being embraced by the adult entertainment industry offers widespread applications beyond its bawdy borders.

For example, what do you get when you combine a live webcam with artificial intelligence and facial recognition technology?

If you’re a long-time reader of XBIZ, you’ll be well-versed in live cam trends; have noted A.I.’s rise in adult entertainment; and have seen various companies that use facial recognition to match fans’ uploaded images with a cam model that is currently broadcasting, for the ultimate in bringing fantasy to reality. So, it would be natural to conclude that we’re talking about pro camming’s newest network offering — but we’re talking about skin care, instead…

Making its debut at CES Las Vegas with a full product launch set for April, Facecode is an innovative light therapy device intended to treat a wide range of facial skin disorders and diseases, by replacing current treatment methods with the use of new creams and LED masks. 

“Our mission was to provide our clients with a true, precision healthcare solution that analyses and treats with the most effective and precise facial skin treatment,” says Kim Markwat, one of Facecode’s founding engineers. “We are extremely proud of our work as our product will be highly beneficial to those suffering from facial skin diseases and disorders that affect their daily lives.”

According to the company, studies have shown light therapy to be highly effective in treating a wide range of facial skin diseases and disorders. By using Facecode, users will be able to treat issues such as fine lines and wrinkles, acne and blemishes, age spots, sun damage, and more — wirelessly from the comfort of their own home.

“We wanted to come up with a state-of-the-art treatment solution that is not only highly effective but also much more affordable than going to a doctor’s office,” Markwat adds. “With Facecode, users can use revolutionary facial scan technology, combined with a sophisticated intelligence system, to diagnose and treat skin issues in a timely and cost-effective way.”

While models may want to adopt Facecode and its game-changing technology (indeed, some networks and studios may wish to provide talent with this tool), the broader point for an industry that is recently bemoaning the slow progress of AR/VR, crypto and other new tech is that innovation is constantly happening all around us — and sometimes it uses “our” tools, whether by intention or not.

It thus behooves forward-looking adult operators to embrace the applicable concepts and creations of all mainstream counterparts and make them our own. Share and share alike — because you never know where your next edge or idea will come from.

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