CrakRevenue Opens MyFreeCams Offer to All Affiliates

QUEBEC CITY — For the first time, CPA network CrakRevenue has opened MyFreeCams’ affiliate program to all affiliates.

According to the company, access to the MyFreeCams affiliate program, once by invitation only, is now open to the network’s entire pool of affiliates at a payout of $1.50 pay-per-lead (PPL) / double opt-in (DOI).

“This new payout allows us to open MyFreeCams to tons more affiliates,” says CrakRevenue’s Cam Business Unit Manager Arnaud Guilon. “This allows all of our affiliates to start promoting MyFreeCams and have a chance at optimizing funnels for better payouts. Indeed, affiliates with top converting traffic will then receive access to MFC gold offers at a payout of up to $5 per lead.”

Exclusively managed by CrakRevenue, Guilon says that MyFreeCams’ affiliate program has been, to date, Crak’s most lucrative offer for affiliates.

“With more than $30 million paid out in MFC affiliate commissions thanks to innovative sales funnels,” Guilon adds, “it should come as no surprise that CrakRevenue is pulling out all the stops with the MFC Live Cam Widget, FreeCamsExposed’s high CTR creatives and landers, a New Cam Superstar lander featuring Nelly Spicy, direct-to-model linking and more.”

“We are really proud of the level of advertising innovation and the results we’ve achieved thanks to our long-lasting exclusive partnership with MyFreeCams,” Guilon concludes. “We are extremely eager to see more and more affiliates taking advantage of the amazing funnels built for the MFC brand and watching the conversions roll-in, thanks to the quality of this amazing cam site.”

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