Pornhub, WoodRocket Debut

LOS ANGELES — WoodRocket and Pornhub have announced the release of “The Lego Movie” porn parody, “The Laygo Movie,” which releases today on and for free. A longer version of “The Laygo Movie” is available exclusively to Pornhub Premium members.

Directed by April O’Neil, Vuko and Lee Roy Myers, “The Laygo Movie” stars Gabriella Paltrova and Donnie Rock.

According to a company rep, “Nobody thinks Rammit is special. Even Wildpiehole has her doubts … until she gets a load of his big yellow pants-brick.

“It is the Penis of Resistance,” they continued. “Now, it’s up to them to go ‘Fifty Shades of Yellow’ before it is too late!”

To watch the SFW trailer of “The Laygo Movie” on YouTube, click here. For the full-length version, visit

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