Castle, Robles, Fire Enjoy

NEW YORK CITY — James Castle enjoys a threesome in the Spanish countryside in a new vignette now in digital release from Lucas Entertainment.

He costars alongside Apolo Fire and Dani Robles. Their hookup is also featured in the DVD “Uncut in the Great Outdoors,” which has an April 19 street date.

“James sure gives his mouth and ass a workout outside a Spanish forest with his friends Dani and Apolo,” reads the promotional text. “Dani himself is turned on big-time by the juicy ass of Apolo and the bottom decides to give fucking the hunk’s ass a go. James, in his amazing versatile fashion, (then) takes Apolo in the butt while also inviting Dani to ride his beautiful uncut cock, all under the open sky of Spain.”

Click here for a hardcore preview, photos and VOD/digital download details and follow Lucas Entertainment on Twitter.

In related news, Lucas Entertainment recently inked Belgian newcomer Braxton Boyd to an exclusive contract (click here).

The studio has recently promoted additional hookups from “Uncut in the Great Outdoors,” including Andy Star with Victor D’Angelo and Drake Rogers (click here) as well as the forthcoming “Daddies and Bros Raw” featuring Tomas Brand and Jackson Radiz (click here) and Max Arion, Logan Rogue, Ken Summers and Dakota Payne (click here), among other recent updates.

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