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BOSTON — Angie Rowntree is continuing her winning streak with the 2019 XBIZ Award-winning erotic sci-fi thriller “Invictus,” as it garners “Best Sci-Fi Short” and she captures “Best Director (Female)” at the Independent Shorts Awards.

Rowntree says when she first released Invictus, the post-apocalyptic thriller starring Delirious Hunter, Ava Mir-Ausziehen and Joeydotrawr, her primary goal was assuring the film was widely distributed and seen so the timely message could be heard.

“I’m honored and humbled by the recognition ‘Invictus’ is receiving,” Rowntree reveals. “It’s not the first of my movies to do well at film festivals, but it’s especially gratifying with ‘Invictus,’ because I know the movie’s plot and theme are something very different from what people are used to seeing in an adult entertainment context.”

“People so often assume an adult movie can’t be about anything other than titillating the viewer,” Rowntree adds, “so I’m thrilled — and even a little surprised — to see ‘Invictus’ so well received as a work of science fiction and not just for its erotic elements.”

In addition to its honors at the Independent Shorts Awards, “Invictus” has been named a finalist in the “Best Sci-Fi” category at the Indie Short Fest, which is part of the Los Angeles International Film Festival. “Invictus” is also a semifinalist at the Toronto Alternative Film Festival (AltFF), the Los Angeles CineFest and jellyFEST. The film also took home the “Best Music” award at the 2019 XBIZ Awards for its somber, hauntingly beautiful soundtrack.

As for her original goal of making sure Invictus is seen by as many people as possible, Rowntree has made great progress on that front, as well, with the explicit version of the film available on Rowntree’s flagship adult site,, while the R-rated version is now available via Amazon Prime.

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