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MONTREAL — Khloe Kay is the center of attention in “My Brother’s TS Girlfriend” from Mile High Media and TransSensual, now in wholesale/retail release.

Korra Del Rio and Natalie Mars fill out the cast for Ricky Greenwood, who marks his directorial debut for the label. Male talent includes Michael Delray, Wolf Hudson and Pierce Paris.

The film opens with Pierce, “who is coming back from the Army and needs a place to stay. His brother (Hudson), invites him to live at his place until he gets back on is feet,” reads the promotional text.

“Meanwhile, Wolf will use this opportunity to introduce his girlfriend and future wife (Del Rio), to his brother. With Wolf working a lot, Korra feels lonely most of the time, but as she gets to know Pierce, her days seem brighter. Slowly, even if she knows that this dark desire could end her relationship, she starts to crave her future husband’s brother. With the shocking discovery that Wolf was cheating on her, Korra is ready to make him pay and she will enjoy every moment with his brother.”

Mile High VP Jon Blitt praised Greenwood and his cast. “Ricky brings out a new dynamic and cinematic approach to his first film for TransSensual, using sibling rivalry as the perfect instrument for his compelling story of a gorgeous trans girl caught between two brothers,” said Blitt. “Korra is outstanding in her lead role as the conflicted love interest, while Khloe and Natalie bring great beauty and passion opposite our amazing male talent in this sinful new feature.”  

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