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CYBERSPACE — NakedSword has begun streaming all-male bondage film “The Fetish Bar” via Raging Stallion Studios and its Fetish Force imprint.

“What’s your pleasure? Leather daddies with a stiff cock back? Anything and everything goes at ‘The Fetish Bar!’ Raging Stallion’s Fetish Force division is the essence of kink and director Tom Moore pulls out all the stops for this latest feature. Explore your wildest fantasies and tuck in at ‘The Fetish Bar’ today,” a rep said.

The film features Lain Kross with Pierce Paris and Dane Stewart opposite Adam Awbride.

In the film, “Pierce notices Lain at the bar and makes his move. He takes the young hunk back to the pool table, throws a blindfold on him, and cuffs his hands behind his back,” reads the promotional text. “Lucky Lain gets Pierce’s monster cock up his ass before he’s allowed to suck it and blasts his load all over the floor. Pierce isn’t quite done with Lain and offers up his ass for Lain to lick. When Lain gets his daddy hard as a rock one last time, Pierce sticks it to Lain and fucks him hard, again, until he pulls out and has Lain jerk him to a creamy finish.”

Elsewhere, “Dane is distracted from his game of pool when he sees 18-year-old Adam from across the room. Dane seizes the opportunity and takes the young hunk to the back room where he fits him with a bridle, gives him a playful spanking and shoves his fat cock into Adam’s ass until Adam blows a massive load all over himself. Now it’s time for Dane to get off. Adam sucks Dane’s stiff cock and works the stud’s asshole with his tongue. All the action makes Dane ready to fuck again. Dane plows Adam’s hole one last time and then blows a massive load of cum all over Adam’s face and open mouth,” the promo text notes.

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