Studio 20 Academy Reports 2nd Edition Success

POIANA BRASOV, Romania — Live cam pros Studio 20 has announced the successful completion of its second Studio 20 Academy.

According to the company, “From all around the world with one common goal: to succeed together” was the motto of the second edition of Studio 20 Academy, which gathered managers, trainers, support teams, photographers, network supervisors, and marketers from studios from Romania, Colombia and the U.S. in Poiana Brasov, Romania, for an insider’s look at the industry’s current trends.

The parking lot of the Teleferic Hotel in Poiana Brasov got somewhat more exciting when on February 20, #girlsfromstudio20 CLA Mercedes started arriving.

“Chic colors and the bright, vibrant red of the Studio 20 logo, looked absolutely amazing in the snowy scenery of this fabulous ski resort,” a company spokesperson reveals. “One by one, teams from the Studio 20 international network arrived and it was just like a family reunion, with everyone smiling and happy to see and meet one another.”

“The first Studio 20 Academy took place six months ago and we only had the Romanian studios participating,” says Studio 20 CEO Mugur Frunzetti. “This second edition was internationally attended (as we’re the only cam studio that has establishments worldwide). To say that it was a dream come true wouldn’t be enough. I am a dreamer and an absolute doer and I always follow my goals until they are reached, no matter how hard it is.”

“This February, I’m celebrating 19 years since I started my first cam studio and today, we have 19 international Studio 20 franchises,” Frunzetti adds. “All the studios are doing amazingly well. We have new ones opening and 2019 is going to be one of our busiest years so far. I am eagerly awaiting the amazing party we’ll be putting on for the 20th studio opening very soon, under the #20studio20 motto.”

The second edition of Studio 20 Academy focused on building better connections within the team, not just within each studio but also at a global level, establishing and learning about new ways to grow the model’s revenue, improving leadership and support and sharing different approaches that worked in different locations.

All 50 participants were asked to make a presentation on any chosen topic related to our “we succeed together” motto and our approach based on excellence. All interactive presentations, full of videos, were explained by the authors to the whole group and were given feedback and graded. The top three presentations were awarded 2,000€ worth of prizes.

Studio 20’s PR & Marketing Manager Andra Chirnogeanu says that to build a house you have to have a good foundation.

“In Studio 20’s case, that foundation is the team,” Chirnogeanu explains. “We help build each other up and hold onto each other for support during our downfalls.”

“At one point, the conference got a bit emotional for everyone from the initial Studio 20 team. Five years ago, we were just one studio with a dream and yet today, we are so much closer to Mugur’s vision of a 100-studio network worldwide,” Chirnogeanu confides. “When we see so many people, that not only believe in the same dream that we do but put in so much effort, to enable those bigger and better dreams, we know we’re on the right track. Also, seeing people grow, changing, being empowered, having a voice, that’s the best feeling in the world.”

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