Nic Sahara, Zander Lane Seek

MONTREAL — Nic Sahara and Zander Lane anchor “Revenge, Vol. 2” from Mile High Movies and Icon Male, now available for wholesale/retail distribution.

The film pairs Lane opposite Joseph Banks, Billy Santoro and Nic Sahara, as well as Santoro with Colby Jansen, for writer-director Nica Noelle.

The film “exposes how any relationship can be an emotional rollercoaster where the risk of temptation could lead to infidelity. But when one’s trust is betrayed, there is nothing more satisfying than seeking revenge, as presented by the most stunning Icon Male performers caught up in the most seductive love affairs where lust takes over and explodes with the sweetest revenge,” said a studio rep.

“Nica examines the emotions and passion that are aroused by betrayal in this compelling second chapter of the series,” Mile High Media VP Jon Blitt said. “With a talented cast that inhabits a world where seduction and sex are the chosen tools for vengeance, ‘Revenge 2’ is a wild erotic showcase filled with powerful performances.”

Click here for box art. For a hardcore trailer and DVD details, click here and follow Icon Male’s Twitter handle.

Intrigued retailers should direct inquiries to and or call 800-363-0133.

In related news, Icon Male has been touting Sahara, Santoro, Adam Awbride, Brian Bonds and Alex Hawk in “The Roommate 2” (click here for that story).

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