Adonis, Ramzi Explore

CYBERSPACE — Max Adonis and Adam Ramzi are among the men exploring “Sexually Transmitted Joy” for Davey Wavey’s all-male member site, now in digital release.

The sexplay, which includes Tom Bentley and Andy Soros, was filmed “in Provincetown — a historically gay town that was ravaged by the AIDS epidemic,” reads the promotional text.

“As the guys move from partner to partner, they take something with them. It’s not disease or death. It’s joy. From one partner to the next, the models transmit smiles, love, pleasure and happiness to their next partner. He, in turn, brings that joy to his next lover.”

“The idea is this: Instead of fearing our deepest desires, let’s celebrate them — and infuse them with all that our heart can offer,” the promo text reads. “It’s joy and love and pleasure and connection that can help us overcome our trauma. In other words, perhaps the sex we fear is the very thing that can heal our wounds, our hearts and our community.”

Click here for a hardcore preview of “Sexually Transmitted Joy” as well as VOD/digital download details and follow Himeros on Twitter.

Himeros is billed as “your erotic playground of sex, intimacy and connections between men.”

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