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SAN FRANCISCO — Director Shine Louise Houston of Pink & White Productions celebrated a successful crowdfunding campaign for her forthcoming adult film, “Chemistry Eases the Pain.”  

The campaign raising a total of $24,416, and marked the second time Pink & White incorporated crowdfunding in its production efforts, following its first independently-produced feature film “SNAPSHOT in 2015.

Houston was attracted to crowdfunding as a financing option for its ability to generate budgets for larger projects while allowing her to retain artistic control and ownership. “Campaigns attract pre-orders and perform double-duty as promotion, gaining press traction and teasing film festival excitement,” stated a rep. “It also connects Houston directly with her audience base and develops relationships within a global network of sexuality experts and adult entertainment artists, including other indie creators.”

Backer rewards were donated from a number of sponsors including pleasure product stores, toy manufacturers, online sex education sites and several match donors. Combined, over 300 backers brought the campaign to 106% over its goal.

Notably, much of the support came from female industry peers and a strong queer fan base.

“Chemistry Eases the Pain,” stars Lotus Lain and Michael Vegas, with Mona Wales, Nina Hartley, Emperatrix, Valentine, Nicki Honey and Jack Strano. With funding secured, the film will go into production this May in San Francisco. The campaign is now “Indemand,” meaning those who have missed the deadline can still donate for early access to watch the movie, to add their name to the credits and to access other backer rewards before the film premieres in March of 2020.

Interested supporters can donate here

For more information on Pink & White Productions, check out their website and follow them on Twitter and Instagram

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