Segpay Rolls Out 'Post Pay,' Minimizes Merchant Risk

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Segpay, a global leader in digital payment processing, has announced today the launch of Post Pay, a pricing feature designed to give merchants more control over how they authorize and settle purchases.

“With Post Pay merchants can offer a better buying experience while lowering their risk of chargebacks,” stated a rep.

Specifically designed for cam sites and other token-based services, Post Pay allows for the initiation of multiple buying sessions within a site to be finalized by the merchant in one overall transaction.

Post Pay allows merchants to authorize a specific dollar amount upfront, ensuring that the consumer’s credit card is valid and has the available funds. Consumers can then make unlimited smaller transactions within the site until the amount is used up. If the full amount isn’t used, the merchant can capture the transaction at any time for any amount below the initial authorization, facilitating a service where consumers can buy with confidence knowing they won’t be on the hook for unused time.

“With Post Pay our users can choose the exact amount they want to spend on each private session or tipping session without the need to pre-pay for credit packages,” said Shay Efron from ImLive. 

Post Pay allows merchants to track how much of the authorized amount the consumer has spent before capturing the total.  For example, with an initial authorization of $100, a merchant can prompt someone to “chat more” after a session ends where the full $100 still hasn’t been used.  A request for more tokens can then be fulfilled quickly without having to make a new call to Segpay.  Once that consumer is finished buying or reaches the $100 limit, the merchant can capture the amount spent and finalize one overall transaction, helping reduce chargeback risk. 

“Having one individual line item on their credit card bill, instead of four or five, is more user-friendly for consumers,” said Cathy Beardsley, Segpay CEO.  “That encourages more purchases and fewer chargebacks, which of course makes merchants very happy.”

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