Treasure Island Media Rolls Out Hardcore

SAN FRANCISCO — Treasure Island Media (TIM) is tub-thumping the “no-holds-barred” six-scene, all-male “Raw Fucks, Volume 2” for digital release.

The fourth film from producer, director and “total buttslut Kenny Host,” a rep said, is filmed in “all-loads-worshipped gonzo-style… no pretenses are needed when the language is man-fucking and everyone involved is a native speaker.”

The film pairs Parker Logan with Cash Logan — “no relation, unfortunately” — and Brian Bonds with Atlas Grant; Leon appears opposite Dante Steele; Matt Roudy is “tossed around the office like a fuck toy” by Aiden Ward; and Cody Winter appears with Gutter Pup, his real-life “cockhound.”

“No doubt the piéce de résistance to the movie is Kenny’s super-slutty pool party where Holden Phillips is the guest-of-honor,” said the rep. “Drew Sebastian, Jack Hammer, Daddy Pig and Pig all move in to get a feel for the young stud before baptizing him with piss and seed. Holden submits completely.”

The first scene, featuring Parker Logan and Cash Logan, from “Raw Fucks, Vol. 2” rolled out this week; subsequent scenes will debut weekly through April 17, when the entire DVD will be released to the public.

Until then, find a hardcore trailer on TIMFuck and VOD/digital download details here and follow TIMFuck on Twitter. Access to TIMFuck is part of TIMPass or TIMPass Plus subscriptions.

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