Derek Hay Releases Statement, Video Addressing Allegations in NBC Report

LAS VEGAS — LA Direct Models agent Derek Hay spoke with XBIZ this evening to give his statement about the 75-minute exposé, produced by NBC’s Los Angeles station, investigating accusations against him and his agency by several adult performers he formerly represented.

“I’ve known that this existed,” Hay said refering to the program. “This NBC producer was going to do a piece like this for approximately 18 months, [and] he has contacted me at various times during those 18 months and on at least 3 occasions asked me if I would agree to an on-camera interview.”

“On all of those occasions I would agree on such conditions that he would be the only person asking me questions, that there would be no audiences, that he couldn’t bring in ambush interviewers, and some others. They did not agree, so I did not agree to sit in an interview with them.”

“What I did do was to sit down for an interview and answer all those questions that were sent to me by him in October 2018 in a video that I will post this evening on Vimeo.”

“In the video that I recorded in October 2018 answering all of the questions sent to me by [NBC producer/editor] Dan [Przygoda] I answered a lot of the subjects raised in this program.”

Hay also had a specific statement regarding Lisa Ann, one of the people interviewed by Przygoda for the program. Lisa Ann appears on camera describing her experience working for Hay in the mid-2000s.

“It’s very well known that Lisa Ann has been a long-time enemy of LA Direct,” Hey told XBIZ, “so it’s no surprise that many of the most totally outrageous and outlandish allegations in that piece originated from her.”

Hay added that Lisa Ann “was employed by LA Direct in 2005 and she worked for the agency for approximately one year which gives [the] perspective that she saw all of this in one year, and hasn’t been with the agency then for 13 years.”

“Other than that,” Hay concluded, “I don’t wish to say anything specifically about the piece. In the video that I recorded in October a lot of the questions are answered and I’d be happy to speak on many of the other issues and allegations raised on the NBC program in a second video that I plan to record earlier next week.”

Hay then offered XBIZ a link to the video he posted to the LA Direct Vimeo account:

Derek Hay of LA Direct Models Addresses NBC Report from LA Direct Models on Vimeo.

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