Natalie Mars Submits to ManyVids

CYBERSPACE — Natalie Mars submits to “Boss Talk” in the latest installment of the ManyVids interview series.

The feature was filmed on the set of her recent photo shoot for MV Mag. “Natalie is an incredible beauty and a passionate performer and while these are major factors in her exploding popularity, it’s also her wit, charm and magnetic personality that have endeared her to legions of fans,” a rep said. “And you get to experience Natalie’s charisma, up close and personal, thanks to her ManyVids ‘Boss Talk’ video interview.”

Mars speaks about moving from her “vanilla life in Arkansas” to Las Vegas, her passion for the adult industry, including “bringing fun and kink” to her work, and the key ingredients to becoming an entrepreneur.

“I used to just post stuff online for free, for fun,” she says. “I would make little videos and take pictures of myself and upload them. People liked what they saw; I gained a following from that. I saw that I had a fan base and decided to try camming and see if I could monetize it a little bit and make a living doing what I love to do.” Production companies soon reached out and Mars jumped at the chance to move into films.

Mars is especially passionate about introducing aesthetic elements to trans porn that aren’t typically utilized, particularly kink themes. “That definitely motivates me,” she said. “Just to push the boundaries a little bit.”

View the interview here and follow the MVTrans Twitter handle.

Visit Mars online and find her on Twitter here.

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