APAC Offers Free Grief Counseling Session for Performers

LOS ANGELES — APAC, the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee, is offering a free grief counseling session for adult industry performers tomorrow Tuesday, March 26.

After a few traumatic events for the adult community, APAC — the all-talent advocacy group whose stated mission is “to improve the experiences & community of adult performers”— has collaborated with one of their APAC Stamp Approved therapists, Stacey Simmons, to bring performers a free group therapy session.

“Whether you’re struggling with a recent loss or grappling with one of the previous loses in our community, we hope you will feel welcome in this space,” said an APAC board representative. “If enough performers are interested and find this gathering to be helpful, we hope to make these group sessions an on going bi-monthly occurrence.”

“Navigating personal and community loss while maintaining the demands of a career that brings both stigma and scrutiny is incredibly difficult,” says APAC Secretary Siouxsie Q. “I hope that providing resources to assist our community as we mourn will bring some solace to those of us are currently struggling with grief.”

“APAC President Riley Nixon and Vice President Riley Reyes were key organizers of this event,” added Siouxsie Q.

Stacey Simmons is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She works primarily with creative professionals and performers in the entertainment industry. She specializes in trauma, personality and mood disorders, and treating people with chronic illness. Stacey holds a Masters degree in counseling psychology from the University of New Orleans.

This first free group therapy session will be held tomorrow from 8 to 10 p.m.

All performers are invited to attend. For location information contact APAC at via email.

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