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SAN FRANCISCO — Falcon Studios Group is rolling out “Deep Sentence & Anal Oracle” via its Club Inferno label. The all-male fetish double-feature is available now for wholesale/retail and digital release.

“Deep Sentence” is a prison-themed fisting picture, while a studio rep described “Anal Oracle” as “a vision quest filled with true pleasure magic, deep fisting and busted holes.”

Costas, Drew Dixon, Gunner, Sherman Maus, Dale Savage and Joey Wagner fill out both casts for label director Tom Moore.

“Get locked up and have your fortune told… where you’ll find everything you need to fulfill all of your piggiest desires,” said the rep. In “Deep Sentence,” the prison warden (Savage) visits an inmate (Dixon) to “destroy his smooth ass in his cell.” Elsewhere, Wagner interrupts, and then joins, a fisting session between fellow inmates (Maus, Gunner), a bout that includes double fisting. Later, Savage finds himself a prisoner with a cellmate (Dixon) who seeks fisting revenge.

In “Anal Oracle,” Costas visits a horny psychic (Dixon) who demonstrates to his client what a future filled with fisting would feel like. Another fortuneteller (Maus), advises Gunner and Wagner to explore extreme anal play as a bonding exercise, and joins them in their practice. Finally, Costas returns to Dixon for more study on the energetic power of fisting.

“This feature is two movies in one,” Moore said. “It’s a gritty prison fisting-fest and a mystical hole-stretching journey, and I know the fans will love them both.”

Visit the Falcon Studios online store for box art, a preview and scene-by-scene downloads. Find Club Inferno online and on Twitter.

Direct wholesale inquiries to John Gunderson at

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