Dominic Pacifico Books All-Male Prison Series

LAS VEGAS — Dominic Pacifico is rolling out the four-part “Enchained” on his eponymous website. The prison-themed all-male sexfest is in digital release now.

The performer, DJ and entrepreneur toplines alongside Casey Everett, Angel Duran, Kurt Klein and Cesar Xes. Len Whitney penned the script, which a rep described as “a campy yet sex-filled scenario of sadistic wardens, sex-driven guards and the pent-up outlaws that are their victims and fuck buddies behind the cold stone walls of prison. As the prison’s evil and merciless head honcho, Dominic turns on the dominant-daddy menace and erotic charge that heats up the steel bars to their boiling point.”

“Enchained” and the last year’s “Repent,” which the rep notes is “a horny 18th-Century priests’ costume drama,” are Pacifico’s preferred type of porn.

“Character roles are my favorite,” he said. “I think this series sets the tone for the rest of the year. I love BDSM and rough sex, and ‘Enchained’ was the perfect combination of both.”

Series producer Danny Zeeman praised his leading man and their creative team. “With the highest-quality production values, amazing sets and some of the hottest and raunchiest no-holds-barred sex, Dominic continues to blaze a trail in the industry by directing some of the hottest gay porn on the market,” he said. “With the release of ‘Enchained,’ fans and affiliates alike will flock to what is sure to be the breakout new blockbuster movie of the spring.”

The first two episodes are online now; the remaining scenes will debut later this month. Find it online and follow Pacifico on Twitter.

The site’s content is available for promotion via Zbuckz.

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