Brenna Sparks Finds a

LAS VEGAS — Brenna Sparks, talented performer-turned-entrepreneur, has made her Blacked Raw debut with the cuckolding title “Sex Life Solution.”

The promotional synopsis explains that Sparks’ husband isn’t “giving her what she wants in the bedroom,” and so the couple agree that it’s time she find someone who can satisfy her sexual needs. When Sparks and Piper meet at a bar, “the chemistry is undeniable.” The two kiss on the street before heading back to Piper’s place where they decide to record their one-night stand for her husband’s viewing pleasure.

“When I said that I loved Rob’s big black cock while we were filming the scene, I meant every word of it,” said Sparks. “I haven’t done a ton of IR, but it’s one of my favorite genres to film. Rob was an incredible scene partner, and I’m glad he was the talent for my first Blacked Raw scene!” 

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