Oneshi Press Releases Sci-Fi Graphic Novel "Tracy Queen, Volume 1"

MISSOULA, Mont. — The graphic novel about a killer cam girl with a talking raccoon sidekick, a cyborg-clone army and a single-minded mission to empower women has arrived, with the Oneshi Press release of “Tracy Queen, Volume 1” — the first issue of an eight-part graphic novel about a love warrior with a checkered past whose journey to self-discovery takes her on a sci-fi adventure.

In “Tracy Queen, Volume 1,” author Lynsey G., begins the story of twentysomething Tracy, who’s just been dumped by a boyfriend who disapproved of her role as an enforcer for her grandfather’s organized crime syndicate.

At the end of a very bad day, Tracy befriends a talking raccoon who inspires her to get away from her grandfather’s stifling control. She soon realizes she can make a living by webcamming and discovers she enjoys the work, feeling empowered and self-sufficient. But that’s when she realizes that women are too often repressed and punished for being sexual or doing sex work. Soon, she is fighting for her life against outside forces bent on victimizing and controlling her body and her career.

“It’s time for a new kind of comic book hero — an empowered woman who is unafraid of being herself, even when that means choosing pleasure over violence,” says Lynsey G. “We need more stories about women who can be smart, successful, badass and sexual, too.”

Although the character Tracy Queen works in the adult entertainment industry, the graphic novel is not pornographic or sexual in nature.

“There is some skin in the book, and of course sexual situations, but this is a story about a person who owns her sexuality,” Lynsey explained. “It’s about sex itself.”

After seven years of development and a successful Kickstarter to fund production and printing, the 60-page, perfect-bound trade paperback of “Tracy Queen, Volume 1,” complete with illustrations by noted visual artist Jayel Draco, lettering by comics-industry stalwart Cardinal Rae, cover art by digital visionary stevieraedrawn, and 10 pages of guest art from fans, is available exclusively at the Oneshi Press online store.

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