Maxine X, Sara Jay Star in Desperate Pleasures' 'Cum Crazed MILFs'

LOS ANGELES — Adult star Allie Eve Knox joined host Peter McCormack on the podcast “What Bitcoin Did” to discusses the value of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general as alternative banking methods for sex workers.

The acclaimed performer-turned-crypto-entrepreneur explains to listeners how sex workers can utilize cryptocurrency to take back agency over their finances and avoid the restrictions that traditional banking systems have historically used to prohibitively target sex workers. 

“I started taking Bitcoin in 2014 for Skypes,” said Knox. “It was a different payment source because I had literally all of my payment apps shut down — Cashout, Google Pay, PayPal…Bitcoin changed my life for sure.” 

Knox, who entered the industry after battling mounting college debt, describes instances in which checks from major studios would bounce because mainstream banks had frozen the company’s account. Since using cryptocurrency, she’s been able to avoid similar scenarios and protect her earnings from seizure.  

CEO of Spankchain Ameen Soleimani, who was also featured on the podcast confirmed, “The adult industry is discriminated against at the hands of the financial institutions. Cryptocurrency offers a way to store money and transact without being censored and having your money seized, and that is exactly what the industry needs.” 

Knox, who is known for appearing in adult films, award-nominated cam and clip performances, and her work with camming and wallet site Spankchain, takes on traditional banks and other financial firms for restricting access to services for sex workers. To listen to the full podcast, click here. 

Click here to listen to the podcast. 

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