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Update (Thursday, April 11, 11:00 a.m.): Jessy Jones posted two videos on his Twitter account as a reaction to Jaclyn Taylor’s interview with XBIZ. These are the videos:

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. — Adult performer and director Jessy Jones was arrested in Woodland Hills last Sunday, April 8, police records show, after what former fiancée and fellow performer Jaclyn Taylor characterizes as “a domestic dispute” at the nearby West Hills apartment the estranged couple occupied at the time of the incident.

The arrest records show that the 32-year-old Jones, a popular, in-demand performer who is also a contract director for Evil Angel, was booked on Sunday at 1:50 p.m. for an undisclosed “felony.” Jones was released the same day at 10:07 p.m., after his $50,000 bail bond was posted, according to public records.

Domestic incidents in California can be discretionally filed as either misdemeanors or felonies depending on several factors, including former charges against the accused.

XBIZ spoke with Jaclyn Taylor, who said she and Jones had been together for “four years and engaged for a year and a half.” According to Taylor, they had co-habitated in the West Hills apartment until the day of the incident, although they “were no longer a couple” at the time.

“Things had been on and off since November or December,” Taylor said. “We went together to [Vegas] in January and we split up for good around February. But he still stayed here, though the lease was in my name and I paid the original $5,000 security deposit.”

Taylor alleges that Jones had started a relationship with another female performer and last Friday she heard that that performer had “been talking to everyone about me and Jessy” on a set. Upset, Taylor “changed the locks on him” on Saturday, but she was informed that since he had been living there until then she “could not just lock him out.”

Taylor says that she and Jones arranged for him to come by on Sunday morning and try to discuss their definitive separation and who would keep the West Hills apartment. “I was willing to give him a key while we discussed the situation. He wanted to keep the apartment but the leasing office wouldn’t give me back my deposit, so I wanted him to pay the $5,000. I also asked him and his girlfriend to sign a waiver saying they would not disparage me in front of industry people.”

Taylor claims that the conversation became heated and then she began “filming it on [her] phone.” She says she told Jones she was video recording the argument because she didn’t feel safe. According to Taylor, what followed was a “physical altercation” between them which she claims “can be seen in the video”of the incident.

Taylor has offered to show the video to XBIZ.

According to Taylor, she called 9-11 and Jones left at that point. Taylor says there were no other witnesses of the incident and that Jones’ new girlfriend was not present when the alleged altercation occurred inside the apartment.

When the police arrived, Taylor says she told the police her version of the events, and showed them the phone video and what she alleges are “bruises and injuries” caused by the alleged physical altercation.

The police then arrested Jones, Taylor believes, at the nearby apartment of his new girlfriend in Woodland Hills.

Jones is scheduled to appear at the Van Nuys Courthouse West on May 2.

XBIZ contacted Jones and he replied via Twitter message. “I have witnesses and I have a video footage that shows that I did not do anything wrong,” Jones wrote.

“This is absolutely ridiculous,” he added.

On Monday, as rumors of the arrest swept the industry, Jones tweeted:

Yesterday, Jones tweeted:

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