WoodRocket, Pornhub Release

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. — In celebration of the final season of “Game of Thrones,” WoodRocket and Pornhub present the sequel to the porn parody “Game of Bones,” “Game of Bones 2: Winter Came Everywhere.”

According to the studio, “this sequel is so dirty it makes the first parody embarrassed by its lack of hardcore dragon sex, people disguised as dildos, white walker masturbation, royal penetration, giant-genitaled Wildings and magical step-relative banging!”

Written by Lee Roy Myers and Seth’s Beard and directed by Holly G Myers, “Game of Bones 2: Winter Came Everywhere” features Kiara Cole, Charlotte Sartre, Gabriella Paltrova, Donnie Rock, Lance Hart, AJ and Seth’s Beard.

The title is now available on WoodRocket and Pornhub for Free.

The SFW trailer is available here.

Fans can find the extended version of “Game of Bones 2” with more than 20 minutes extra fantasy sex, at PornhubPremium.com.

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