Devin Franco Explores Sex-Filled

SAN FRANCISCO — Falcon Studios Group exclusive Devin Franco leads a passel of hunks as they explore the sex-filled “Rimrock” for Hot House Video, now in wholesale/retail and digital release.

Derek Bolt, Collin Lust, Trevor Miller, Lawrence Portland, Darin Silvers, Hunter Smith, Roman Todd and Arad Winwin fill out the cast for director Steve Cruz.

The “Rimrock” of the title is a special place that invites men to “shed your inhibitions, relax from your hectic life and get laid.” Franco and Todd enjoy a romantic getaway in a wooden cabin; Todd also enjoys a hookup with a studly handyman (Bolt).

Elsewhere, Smith is enjoying some alone time when he catches a handsome stranger (Winwin) secretly spying on him and invites the hunk to join him. Romantic partners Miller and Silver depend on each other to handle their raging morning wood; later, Miller invites a pair of horny travelers (Lust, Portland) into his cabin for a stress-relieving threeway.

“With this movie, the man goal was to get out in nature, strip down, and shoot raw men fulfilling their most carnal desires,” said Ducati. “In ‘Rimrock’, we see some fresh new faces as well as some fan-favorites that are sure the leave the fans wanting more.”

Tim Valenti, Falcon Studios Group president, praised the particular chemistry of this cast. “There’s really nothing sexier than watching men in their natural habitats having hot sex,” he said. “Trenton understands what it takes to get the best shot and ‘Rimrock’ doesn’t disappoint.”

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