Ty Mitchell Stars Opposite Emma Stone in

CYBERSPACE — Adult star Ty Mitchell made an eye-catching appearance in this weekend’s episode of “Saturday Night Live,” hosted by Emma Stone, in which he joined the Oscar winner in a parody of stepfather/stepson gay porn scenarios.

The digital short, titled “The Actress,” features Stone as a struggling actress who finds fulfillment in her role as “Dierdre”: “The woman who gets cheated on in gay porn,” she intones.

Dierdre’s climactic line — “Jared, what are you doing?! Not with my godson!” — proves challenging.

“Just say what’s in the script,” the director tells her. “There’s nothing to her. People are just going to scroll past you so they can get off. She has no past, no future. She exists only to be cheated on.”

Nevertheless, Stone’s character digs deep to access Dierdre’s backstory and ultimately triumphs — in her own way.

“The self-examined life merits praise. And lube,” wrote “SNL” producer Adam Epstein on Twitter. The short was penned by Julio Torres and Bowen Yang and directed by Oz Rodriguez.

Mitchell, as the wayward godson, has no lines, but appears throughout the film. Find him on Twitter.

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