Darcie Dolce Discusses Performer Pay Rates in Daily Beast Article

VENICE, Calif. — The Daily Beast’s Aurora Snow recently discussed adult industry performer pay rates with Darcie Dolce.

In “How Much Money Do Porn Stars Actually Get Paid for Sex Scenes?” Snow covered the touchy subject that could lead to some frosty receptions from co-workers who think fellow performers are making more than they are for the same work.

But, of course, everyone isn’t paid the same, nor should they be, as some are better performers, some are more professional, while others are simply more in demand and can hold out for higher rates.

“2018 XBIZ Girl/Girl Performer of the Year Darcie Dolce agrees, you have to earn it,” Snow wrote. “‘I put on a good scene. I come to set looking good, my skin looks good, and my nails aren’t all fucked up. I’m professional, on time, easy to work with, so I think I’m worth the money,’ says Dolce. ‘With some girls, it’s like a Louis [Vuitton] bag: you’re just paying for the name not the purse.’”

“Dolce echoes the sentiments of virtually the entire industry when she says, ‘I’m not comfortable telling you my rate. Rates are private. It’s nobody’s business — unless they’re the agent or the ones paying.’”

The article revealed a range of pay rates, noting that guys bring in $300 to $1200, depending on the type of scene and whether they have proven themselves or not, while girls go home with $700 to $2500, though the high end is limited to bigger names doing double- and triple-penetration work.

The full article can be read here.

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