Kenzie Reeves Joins

LOS ANGELES — Kenzie Reeves enjoys a new round of naughty “Babysitter Auditions” for BurningAngel Entertainment on Adult Time.

Small Hands and Joanna Angel, who also directs, fill out the cast as a secretly childless couple with ulterior motives when they take an interview with a virginal new applicant.

“This series embraces and pokes fun at the casting couch and lewd propositions genre. It’s hilarious and illustrates that Small Hands and I have embraced the fact that we have lost our goddamn minds,” Angel said.

The “Babysitter Auditions” series was inspired by fan requests for the real-life couple to “dominate teens without tattoos — as if people with tattoos are all doms and tattoo-less people are all subs,” notes Angel. “This was my comedic way of embracing that stereotype.”

She praised Reeves for a youthful, innocent demeanor that vanishes, Angel has observed, “as soon as a dick is in her mouth; she fucks like a champion. She was perfect for the part.”

Reeves expressed enthusiasm for the series and for her costars. “I always loved this series so when I finally got to have my babysitting audition, I wanted to nail it — no pun intended. I’m so proud of it! Every time I rewatch it I start laughing,” she said.

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