Pure Taboo Hatches New Future Darkly Episode,

MONTREAL — The latest episode of Adult Time’s original series, “Future Darkly,” has been released today and is available now at Puretaboo.com.

Written and directed by Bree Mills, “The Breeding Pod” sees Maya Kendrick as an official “breeder” in an insemination unit. Nina Hartley joins the cast in a non-sex role as a lab scientist with Derrick Pierce playing a conception facilitator in the post-apocalyptic sci-fi scene.

“This episode was heavily inspired by the legendary author Douglas Adams, whose novels married dystopian futures with tongue-in-cheek humor,” said Mills. “I am a big fan of his work, and always wanted to bring an element of this dark humor into one of the Future Darkly episodes. A huge thanks to Maya and Derrick for spending all day and night in that strange bubble tent and helping make the vision in my head a reality!”

Set in a world in which forced breeding is necessary for the survival of the human species, leading actress Kendrick was thrilled to be cast in the episode, stating that the specific taboo is one of her favorite fantasies.

“When Bree offered me this scene I almost thought it was some sort of elaborate prank, because it’s like it was written for me,” she explained. “I’ve been reading breeding erotica for years and the idea of it being my job/requirement is a dream.”

Fellow performer Pierce similarly expressed that he was “happy to be a part” of the series. “Every time the team puts me on a new project I also hold my breath — I’m never sure what’s around the next corner and this is no different!” he said. “I can honestly say that almost every scene is a ‘first’ for me, and that’s saying a lot.”

Season 2 of Future Darkly contains six episodes airing between February and July 2019. The complete first season is now available to binge online at PureTaboo.com.

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