Casino Girls Club Offers 'Club Elite' Member Loyalty Program

LAS VEGAS — Live cam community Casino Girls Club has launched its “Club Elite” loyalty program.

According to the company, Club Elite members can prove how big of a player they are by collecting points to rise through the ranks, evolving from a casual “Crush” up to the ultimate “Casanova.”

CGC’s Club Elite loyalty program is now open to all current and new members with no additional registration required.

“Do what you do best: simply enjoy Casino Girls Club the same way you always do to earn more points,” Crystal Sunshine from CGC explained. “Take models into private sessions, send them sweet surprises and personal messages, collect sexy snapshots, grab sneak peeks — the list goes on. Just doing what you will do anyway will net you points in the Club Elite loyalty program and propel you forward in the ranks.”

Crystal said that members can see their progress in real time as they advance through the Club Elite ranks, with a special icon near their name in the chat window and noted that “models simply love Casanovas!”

Members retain their newly-reached rank for up to 60 days or as long as they remain active at that level and will earn points for each credit they spend with a rank multiplier rewarding loyal members the most.

“Make sure you stay on top by coming back to spoil your favorite models again and again, because a true gentleman doesn’t just hit and quit — a real man stays and plays,” Crystal added. “You’re always a winner at Casino Girls Club, and now with our Club Elite loyalty program, you can be a great lover, too!”

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