Lisa Ann, Fleshlight Featured in

LOS ANGELES — Adult performer Lisa Ann guest-starred last night on an episode of the Showtime series “Billions,” which is now available on demand and Showtime streaming.

Last night’s episode, “Infinite Game,” is the seventh of the current, and fourth, season of “Billions.”
“As a total diehard fan of ‘Billions,’ playing myself in a guest role was an incredible experience,” said Lisa Ann.

“My Fleshlight has been brought up the last two seasons in a row and the build-up to my episode was everything,” the performer, one of the world’s most popular, continued. “I have no doubt about my alliance now, I am #TeamAxe all the way!”

The hashtag refers to the character of Bobby “Axe” Axelrod (Damian Lewis), the show’s hedge fund honcho who is battling against #TeamRhodes’ attorney general, played by Paul Giamatti.

Lisa Ann’s name was first introduced to “Billions” in last year’s “Icebreaker” episode, in a scene where her Fleshlight comes rolling out of an employee’s bag during work hours. She was mentioned again last week on the “Maximum Recreational Depth” episode.
“I always knew my vagina would get me places,” Lisa Ann joked.

Fans can keep up with Lisa Ann’s adventures on her YouTube channel, two websites, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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