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SAN FRANCISCO — Raging Stallion Studios is tub-thumping the wholesale/retail and digital release of erotic crime drama “At Large” featuring newly signed exclusive Ricky Larkin.

Falcon Studios Group, parent studio of Raging Stallion, had teased out the movie’s release with a promotional site — featuring hardcore previews, wallpapers, pre-order linkage and other amenities — and the online debut of sexplay featuring Larkin and castmate Zario Travezz.

In addition to Larkin and Travezz, the cast includes Dante Colle, Dillon Diaz, Liam Knox, Alexander Kristov, Logan Moore, Marco Napoli, Sharok and Logan Stevens under the direction of Steve Cruz.

“With a killer ‘At Large,’ how far would you go to catch him? What risks would you take?” asks the promotional synopsis. Larkin must navigate “a web of sex and intrigue” as he investigates a murder, chases down leads and grapples with twists, turns and betrayals.

“Ricky really gives a huge performance as lead detective,” said Cruz. “He carries this film like a legend. Dante does what I’ve never seen on film in a porn; superb acting is an understatement. Hot sex, incredible men: personally, this is a milestone experience in my decade-plus career of bringing this story to life — I’m so grateful.”

Tim Valenti, president of the Falcon Studios Group, enthused about the final product. “’At Large’ is easily one of the best Raging Stallion films ever released,” he said. “Steve is known for pushing the limits in his iconic films and this one literally blew me away!”

Click here for the preview site, find Raging Stallion online and follow them on Twitter. Find the Falcon Studios online store here.

Direct wholesale inquiries to John Gunderson at john@falconstudios.com.

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