Icon Male Streets Chi Chi LaRue

MONTREAL — Jack Dyer and Michael Roman anchor an intergenerational romantic drama in “My Stepdad’s Stepdad” for Icon Male and Mile High Media.

Max Adonis, Zach Covington, Jackson Reed, Scott Riley, Papi Suave and Colby Tucker, with Katy Jayne in a nonsex role, fill out the cast for writer-director Chi Chi LaRue.

The DVD spotlights “double the daddies,” a rep said.

The movie opens with granddad’s birthday party, which turns particularly personal when his sexy step-grandson sticks around to help clean up. Elsewhere, a hunky stepson enjoys a sweaty post-football practice session with his stepfather, while close buddies “heat up the spare bedroom” and “sneak away from a party to munch on each other,” said the rep. “This is totally keeping it all in the family.”

Mile High VP Jon Blitt praised the film’s scenario and cast. “Chi Chi takes viewers into the world of taboo sex across three generations,” he said. “Viewers will be drawn in by the drama and passion of these unique stories. Michael Roman, Jack Dyer and the rest of the cast are dynamite with an intensity and chemistry that will engage and captivate fans.”

The movie is now available for wholesale/retail distribution. Click here for box art, find Icon Male online and follow the label on Twitter.

Intrigued retailers should direct inquiries to wilma@mile-high-media.com or call (800) 363-0133.

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