Devin Franco, Jack Hunter Scene Teases Falcon

SAN FRANCISCO — has announced the world premiere of the debut scene from their upcoming “Diary of a Sex Addict,” starring Falcon Studios exclusive Devin Franco and Jack Hunter.

“When Devin enters a public restroom, he chances upon horse-hung fan favorite Jack Hunter using the urinal,” a rep explained. “All it takes is one quick glance between the two studs for their mutual understanding and sexual instincts to kick in. They quickly move to the stall where Jack gets on his knees to take Devin’s big cock down his throat. Jack opens wide and lets Devin fuck his face with a fast-paced plunging that leaves Jack’s eyes watering and his gag reflexes strained.”

Franco, still according to the rhapsodizing rep, “wants Jack’s tongue up his eager ass and bends over to continue jerking off as Jack opens the stud up with his probing lingual organ. Devin wants a taste of his new ‘bathroom buddy’ and shoves Jack against the wall of the stall. With his mouth and throat open and ready to receive his… Well, you’ll have to watch the scene to know how it ends!”

“Devin and Jack are so sexy and passionate when getting it on, it only made sense to have them debut the first scene,” said ‘Sex Addict’ director Tony Dimarco. “It’s all about getting off in the heat of the moment wherever you can get it and these two really turn it up with sloppy, public blowjobs.”

‘Diary of a Sex Addict’ debuts on today. The full DVD and remaining scene downloads will be released on the Falcon Studios Group Store on Friday, May 24.

Visit the Falcon Studios website and follow their Twitter handle here.

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