Terpon Enters into Patent Agreement With Virtual Immersion Technologies

Terpon Enters into Patent Agreement With Virtual Immersion Technologies

May 15, 2019 0 By XBIZ

LOS ANGELES — Terpon has entered into a patent agreement with Virtual Immersion Technologies (VIT).

According to the company, businesses in the live cam sector are already aware of U.S. Patent No. 6,409,599, covering “Interactive virtual reality performance theater entertainment system.”

The patent, owned by Virtual Immersion Technologies (VIT) covers a sweeping set of important criteria for presenting live entertainment online via webcams — and until now, it has been a challenge to circumvent the stated intellectual property boundaries or to arrange a license with the patent holder.

Terpon has overcome that obstacle for the adult industry.

“We are very happy to be able to provide this important level of service for our clients,” Terpon CEO Jean-Claude Artonne said. “We have now acquired an exclusive license agreement for the entire sexual wellness and entertainment market from VIT and will be able to assist companies in the live cam vertical by protecting their platforms from intellectual property claims while providing state of the art virtual reality and traditional webcam device options as well.”

Up to this point, many possible innovations in the adult industry have been slowed down by the rational fear of infringement with the existing patent rights of another entity, as was the case with the infamous “teledildonic patent” that went to the public domain last summer. However, since that patent expired, we are now seeing a whole new wave of connected toys blossoming.

According to VIT, real-time interactivity between viewers and performers in a live VR show is key to making the experience truly immersive.

The company’s intellectual property was originally patented and developed for a number of markets, and VIT is convinced that Terpon has the right approach, with a mission to deliver globally specialized hardware to the adult industry, which is exciting because the industry is capable of accelerating the market inside and outside adult. Licensing to a company like Terpon is an efficient approach for VIT, which will continue to support Terpon and its clients in the adult market, while simultaneously enforcing its intellectual property rights in all other markets.

“By negotiating this license, we are investing in the protection of the whole industry from patent fears and hope to open a clearer path for live VR content to reach adult audiences even faster,” Artonne said. “Now it will be possible for live cam sites owners to go VR without the risk of VIT patent infringement.”

“By assuring compatibility with our VR cameras they will also be covered under our license, as is already happening now with XVR,” Artonne concluded. “Our mission is to serve the industry by providing the most comprehensive solution for virtual reality camera adoption, and this is an important step forward for everyone in cams seeking to be part of the new era of live adult entertainment online.”

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