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CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Pulse Distribution has announced it has started shipping Pure Taboo’s “Possessive” to retailers in time for a May 21 street date.

According to a rep, “Possessive” features “a double dose of scenarios focusing on options women consider when torn between obligation and ego.”

Directed by Pure Taboo’s Craven Moorehead, the DVD comprises two scenes: “Possessive” and “Caught Between.”

In “Possessive,” intimidating repo man Tony (Domenic Kane) demands 20-year-old college student Natalie (Lena Paul) let him into her apartment so he can collect what he can to compensate creditors for her defaulted student loan debt. After grabbing everything of value from her home and knowing it won’t be enough, Tony suggests he take Natalie’s car as well. When the distraught woman begs him not to take it, he slowly says, “Well, there’s one other possession I could take instead…”

In “Caught Between,” beautiful housewife Tess (Penny Pax) has been having an affair with her husband’s best friend Xavier (Ryan McLane) for the past eight months —an affair she keeps trying to end, but can’t seem to make stick. As the two start to make love, Tess’ husband Rick (Ricky Johnson) suddenly returns home to surprise his wife. Tess convinces Xavier to leave so she can “entertain” her husband, but when Rick has to rush back to work after sex, she discovers Xavier never left, and he’s far from being done with her.

“Pure Taboo’s releases are what defines this new generation of porn production,” says Pulse VP of Sales Hyland C. “With top-notch star talent, shot beautifully, with a solid, twisted storyline, often with deep psychological undertones, the studio consistently delivers high-quality content sought by adult entertainment consumers.”

To view the box cover, cast list and synopsis, as well as the official trailer, click here.

Retailers interested in stocking “Possessive” are encouraged to contact Pulse’s Hyland C. via email or phone (818-435-1615), or through their IVD Sales Representative.

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