Pure Taboo Examines a Dystopia Future with

MONTREAL — Adult Time has released the latest episode of Pure Taboo’s fantasy/sci-fi series “Future Darkly,” starring Aria Lee and Tyler Nixon. 

The new episode, titled “Model Citizen” sets the characters in a dystopian future surveillance state, one in which all characters are monitored by the ominous all-seeing Mother. One day, Citizen Val (Lee) receives a visit from her Law Enforcement Auditor Bale (Nixon), who follows up to make sure that she’s been abiding by all of the state’s rules. 

“Do you submit to a brief physical inspection to confirm that your genetic profile is up-to-date,” questions Bale after the interrogation. “Yes,” Val solemnly replies. However once Mother’s surveillance system is safely shut down, she turns to her auditor and smiles, exclaiming, “I’m so happy — I missed you so much! Two weeks is way too long!”

“Model Citizen” marks Lee’s debut on the Craven Moorehead sereis. “I loved every second of it,” exclaimed the starlet. “I had so much fun with the storyline and would love to work with the team so, so much more!”

Nixon agreed, stating, “Everyone is always so awesome to work with — you can tell Pure Taboo focuses on pure talent!”

The full episode and trailer are available now here

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