Carnal Media Touts Fetish Site Pairing Tall Men With Short Men

CYBERSPACE — Carnal Media has unveiled its latest niche all-male membership site, which pairs very short guys with very tall guys.

The site has launched with a full spread of scenes. “It’s all about the size difference: Giant guys, tiny guys and putting these two extremes together,” reads the launch text for the site. “The ‘fun-size’ guys are compact, shorter, smaller, sexy guys. The ‘king-size’ men — tall, huge, hung titans — absolutely love how small those little guys are! They can pick them up, toss them over their shoulder and manhandle them like toys.”

It is the third site launch this year for Carnal Media, following, an intergenerational fetish site with a focus on male furries and transformation erotica, and, an all-male master/slave role-play site.

Carnal Media is a new venture from partners Legrand and Jay Wolf, the founders of MormonBoyz and its related sites, as well as MetaVentures, and partnerships with Charged Media/ChargedCash. In late 2018, the pair purchased gay affiliate network GunzBlazing.

“There is a very palpable feeling of excitement here at Carnal with all our new site launches and the growth of our staff,” said LeGrand Wolf, who serves as president of Carnal Media. “FunSizeBoys celebrates something I personally love — big guys paired with small guys.”

Wolf stands at 6’6 himself. “I love the feeling I get when I’m looking down and the smaller guy is looking up; there’s nothing like it. We wanted to bring this idea to life for those who crave gay size difference,” he said. “Let the shorter guys and the super-tall guys live out their biggest fantasies! And for the height-differential-loving masses everywhere, we are proud to present this first-of-its-kind site.”

Visit FunSizeBoys online and on Twitter. The site’s content is available for promotion via CarnalCash; direct inquiries here.

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