ManyVids Releases Mobile Profile Updates for Models, Fans

MONTREAL — ManyVids has released a number of updates to its mobile profiles for fans and models.

According to the company, it is always striving to make its digital platform the best in every way.

“We live in a fast-paced world and ManyVids is a leader in an ever-changing industry so it is always upgrading its site, so that everyone has the best experience possible,” said a company representative. “And to keep progressing, MV is releasing a large number of fantastic updates over the next few weeks that’ll improve ManyVids for both MV Stars and members.”

The first of these upgrades changes how MV Stars’ profiles are displayed on mobile devices, with these enhancements focused around making MV Crush easier to find and use on cell phones and tablets.

Now when a member views an MV Star’s profile, they’ll see the MV Crush subscription box without any additional clicking or searching under menus or tabs. Below the MV Crush box is a listing for “Services,” so that the member can easily see what that MV Star offers.

For MV Stars, there are some changes when they’re logged in and setting everything up. These include an MV Crush button available as soon as the star visits their profile. All MV Stars will see this regardless of whether they use MV Crush or not, so stars can manage MV Crush immediately upon logging in to save time. MV Stars will also be able to immediately view their MV Crush videos, pictures, crushes and notes, and will also be able to send crush notes and/or customize the service.

Also, upon initially logging in and viewing their profile, MV Stars will see two other new buttons — “Add Content,” that when clicked offers the option to upload either a new video or item, and a “New Post” button that when clicked immediately anchors the star to a new post input field, allowing them to easily add a new message.

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