Riley Reyes Makes Pure Taboo Debut Today in


The title pairs Reyes opposite Mr. Pete in a jilted lover revenge plot that casts Pete as a conniving ex who surreptitiously finds a way to fulfill his vengeful fantasy. 

As per the scene description, “Evie (Reyes) is enjoying a peaceful day at home when a mysterious man appears at her door, claiming he is there to fix the cable.” Unsuspecting, she lets him in but soon discovers that he’s acting strange. When he takes special notice of a picture of Casey, Evie’s girlfriend, Evie decides to call Casey and tell her about the bizarre ordeal. But, before she can get ahold of her, the man reappears and smacks the phone out of her hand. As it turns out, the cable guy is none other than Casey’s ex! Furious that she left him for Evie, he now wants to “hurt Casey the way that she hurt him,” in the most devious way imaginable. 

“I was so excited for my first scene with Pure Taboo,” said Reyes. “I loved the script and being able to show my acting, even during the sex. We kept a high level of emotional intensity, and stayed in character from beginning to end. This is a great debut scene, and I know my fans are going to enjoy it.”

Click here to watch the trailer and full scene. 

In related news, members of Adult Time can also view Reyes’ scene with Natalie Mars for Transfixed. Pre-orders for “Transfixed Volume One” are available now on Adult Empire, Gamelink and other adult e-tailers, in advance of next week’s June 4th street date. 

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