Set to Launch Uncensored Gaming Platform

SAN FRANCISCO — is set to beta launch its adult-friendly uncensored gaming platform.

According to the company, with the astronomical growth of esports and video game broadcasting being the fastest growing segment in entertainment, the need has arisen for a company that will allow gamers to create shows and content their way.

“In an era of demonetizing and de-platforming performers for saying or doing something controversial, a new player is entering the market, poised to allow performers to do shows the way they like and monetize it well,” said a company representative. “GameWithMe is launching its open beta period June 18, 2019, allowing paid uncensored shows in addition to standard gaming broadcasts.”

The focus of GameWithMe is to give gamers a platform where they are not constantly worried about getting removed as on other services. GameWithMe’s desire to be the most performer-centric site on the market includes payouts of up to 70 percent.

“Our competitors are marginalizing all broadcasters on their platforms and only paying the top 5 percent like the stars they are,” said founder and CEO Steve Hamilton. “We want GameWithMe to be the home of excellent gaming content, with the ability to have paid shows that are free of censorship.”

Hamilton has a background in online broadcasting and video gaming and had an account on a competitor site removed due to his broadcasting partner wearing a shirt that was deemed inappropriate for showing an excessive amount of cleavage.

The beta version of GameWithMe will be open to all members, performers, studios and esports teams.

All performers will need to be approved and are required to submit identification to participate in the site.

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