Stripchat Offers Struggling Dems an Alternate Debate Stage

MIAMI — With several Democratic Party Presidential candidates failing to qualify for the first official debate, adult webcam site Stripchat has offered its platform to the campaigns to get their message out.

According to the company, it will host a live cam undercard debate in Miami June 28 that will reach millions of undecided voters.

“The Stripchat Undercard Debate is an opportunity for candidates to reach the more than 16 million Americans who visit our site daily,” said Max Bennet, Stripchat’s vice president of new media. “Like it or not, we are a major media outlet, with more visitors to our site than either Telemundo or MSNBC — both of whom are hosting the main debate. And unlike many mainstream outlets, young people actually watch us.”

Surplus Democratic Candidates on Stripchat

Over the weekend, Stripchat reached out directly to the campaigns of Seth Moulton, Wayne Messam, Mike Gravel and Steve Bullock, offering the use of its platform. However, Bennet says that the debate is open to any other candidate — including Tulsi Gabbard and Jay Inslee, who may want to stand out in the crowded field if they fail to break out in the first two debates.

“Beto has been livestreaming his entire campaign, so candidates already know the power of in-your-hand media,” Bennet added. “We offer immediacy and connection, without filters or censorship and we want candidates to bare all — while staying clothed, of course.”

Stripchat will use a Miami-based cam studio to host the debate, but Bennet stressed that candidates can appear from anywhere, as long as they have a camera on their laptop.

“Flexibility is the beauty of camming, and our top models can generate as much as $50K in a month, even on the road,” Bennet concluded. “Those are numbers that candidates like Gillibrand and de Blasio should pay attention to if they want to make later debates.”

Questions for the debate will be submitted via moderated live chat from Stripchat members, and candidates should be able to address issues such as consumer privacy rights, social media censorship of adult performers and SESTA/FOSTA.

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