Autumn Falls Savors

MONTREAL — Luscious newcomer Autumn Falls has the cover spotlight of “Internal Love” for O.L. Entertainment and Erotica X.

The 18-year-old ingénue anchors the fifth installment of the popular series. Gianna Dior, Kira Noir and Emma Starletto fill out the cast for director James Avalon.

The passionate duos include a lusty couple who “make their own home movies with an antique 8mm camera,” a rep said; a conservative woman who entices a younger man to “fulfill her fantasy of being Eve in the Garden of Eden”; a bathtime pairing for an adventurous man and woman that turns into “a scorching love-feast”; and a young couple who give in to their passion as they weigh the pros-and-cons of an important life decision.

“James takes the viewers into the world of loving couples out to experience the ultimate erotic high — the internal ejaculation,” said Jon Blitt, head of production for O.L. Entertainment. “It’s four engaging tales of passion and intense chemistry that unfolds thanks to the amazing talents of our adult stars under James’ outstanding direction. It’s a must-own new edition of the series.”

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