Liv Revamped, Chloe Foster Star in

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Pure Taboo is touting the release of its latest collection “The Luckiest Guy.”

The two-scene movie includes the title matchup, toplined by Liv Revamped with Donnie Rock and Michael Vegas, and “Anal Doesn’t Count” featuring Chloe Foster and Kyle Mason.

Craven Moorehead produced and directed both scenes.

In “The Luckiest Guy,” Revamped is celebrating her anniversary at a posh restaurant and sneaks away for a passionate quickie in the bathroom with a handsome waiter (Vegas). Back home, her husband remarks that she is always turned-on around him, unaware that she stokes her libido with complete strangers.

“Anal Doesn’t Count” features Foster as a virginal-seeming ingénue who prays ardently every morning. However, Foster has discovered a loophole that allows her to retain her virginity while hooking up with random strangers who will happily fulfill her anal fantasies.

Pulse Distribution is managing the title’s wholesale/retail release. Hyland C, Pulse VP of sales, praised Pure Taboo as “the newest generation of porn production,” citing the label’s high production values and “twisted” storylines. “The studio consistently delivers the high-quality content sought by a growing percentage of adult entertainment consumers moving away from gonzo and seeking story-driven porn,” he said.

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