Hot House Touts Steamy

SAN FRANCISCO — Hunky Falcon Studios Group exclusives Devin Franco and Steven Lee are among the studs savoring their “Palm Springs Day Pass” from Hot House Video and director Trenton Ducati.

The movie is now available for wholesale/retail and digital distribution.

Zak Bishop, Michael Boston, Pheonix Fellington, Ian Frost, Jack Kross, Pierce Paris, Vincent O’Reilly and Nic Sahara fill out the cast of men who hook up under the sun at the CCBC Resort in Palm Springs.

Franco and Frost jump each other after they’ve barely checked into the resort and enjoy a frenzied flip-fuck; Paris and Kross are out cruising for cock when they cross paths and give each other what they need; Sahara spots O’Reilly poolside and the studs indulge their immediate attraction; Fellington spots Bishop inside a men’s-only club, ready for action, and accepts the open invitation; Lee and Boston are also among the handsome men cruising each other around the city and they close out the film with a steamy hookup.

“We have another hit on our hands,” Ducati said. “I wanted to showcase what life is really like for gay men in Palm Springs. Mix that with some of the hottest guys around, and you get the perfection that is ‘Palm Springs Day Pass.'”

“Hot House and Trenton Ducati heat it up once again,” said Tim Valenti, president of Falcon Studios Group. “Palm Springs is such a sexually liberating place for gay men and fans can get a sneak peak into life in the desert.”

Contact John Gunderson here for wholesale inquiries. Visit the Falcon online store for box art, a hardcore trailer, scene-by-scene breakdowns and additional details. Follow Hot House on Twitter.

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