Vera King and Brad Newman

CYBERSPACE — A 9 second clip of adult performers Vera King and Brad Newman acting in a stepfamily scene went viral on Twitter under the name “Why I watch porn for the plot.”

The clip, from a Nubiles scene, was tweeted out by user Plathanos (@SaveTheBees). As of this writing, it has had 1.7 million views, almost 100,000 likes and over 25,000 retweets.

None of the performers have been tagged or credited in any form.

“Why I watch porn for the plot,” features King as stepmom Lexi barging into a room where she catches her of-consenting-age teen children, stepsiblings to each other, in flagrante delicto, as the Romans would say.

“Alex, what the fuck are you doing,” a reasonably upset King tells the strapping teen boy. “Did you just come in your sister? Tiffany is not on birth control.”

Her husband, played by a bespectacled Newman, intervenes with an over-the-top “Lexi, do you ever SHUT THE FUCK UP!?!?”

“I’m honored,” a surprised King told XBIZ, “I always wanted to be a meme — not sure if for fauxcest — but hey, I’ll take it. It would have been nice to be credited, and maybe get a link to my OnlyFans.”

King then commented “When you go viral for your acting skills and not spreading your legs #priceless.”

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