MissaX Releases Kristen Scott

LOS ANGELES — MissaX.com has released a story based on performer/director Kristen Scott’s real-life experiences, “Triangle of Lies.”

“‘Triangle of Lies’ is a story that I wrote, directed and produced for MissaX.com,” Scott revealed. “It was based off a real-life experience [where] I dated this girl and I was very much in puppy-love with her.”

“She mentioned that she was getting a divorce because he cheated on her [but] there were a lot of red flags: she kept wearing her wedding ring and excused it by telling me she ‘really liked it,’ she also would not let me go down on her — I later learned that this was ‘a rule’ between her and her husband. She asked me to move in with her because she had a spare room opened up,” Scott confided. “This is when I learned that I was a pawn in their game to get me to be ‘a third’ in their relationship.”

“This is our first time working with both AJ Applegate and Tommy Pistol on the site,” Missa told XBIZ. “AJ is not only beautiful but a great actor. Tommy Pistol is also a phenomenal actor, and I love how he steered the sex scene.  It’s one of the wildest sex scenes we’ve made.”

“Kristen Scott weaves her real-life experience into her scenes and her experience being on sets into her directing,” Missa added. “Kristen has a unique talent in her acting. She pulls you in to watch her: it’s not a request, her talent demands you watch her, and you feel what she wants you (as a viewer) to feel.”

“Triangle of Lies” can be seen here.

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