Max Konnor Dominates Wess Russel for CockyBoys

NEW YORK CITY — Muscular studs Wess Russel and Max Konnor enjoy a sensual bedroom hookup now in digital release from CockyBoys.

“The sexual attraction is so strong they just can’t define it in a few words — only action,” reads the promotional synopsis. Their sexplay begins on a sensual note with passionate kissing and the younger stud servicing Konnor’s thick, plus-sized boner. “Max loves it but he also has his eye, and hands, on Wess’ big muscle ass. Finally, after lots of sucking, he gets what he wants. He bends Wess over a chair and voraciously buries his mouth and tongue on Wess’ smooth hole.”

When Konnor has Russel properly prepped, and teased, he proceeds to fucking. “Sliding his cock in slow, Max soon goes harder to expand Wess’ hole. After getting in deep, Max gives his hole a break — but not his mouth. He lays Wess on his back to face-fuck and subtly dominate him before nudging him over the edge of the bed to consume his hole again.”

Konnor continues to ravish Russel in more positions until he “picks him up and drills him on his back and fucks a huge load out of Wess. Who’s going to break this up?”

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In related news, Blake Mitchell recently made his CockyBoys debut, opposite Hayden Brier, in the debut episode of “Best Days of Our Lives.” The studio is also touting the guest appearance of another Euro-stud, BelAmi’s Sven Basquiat, in a hookup with Ben Masters and newly signed exclusive Alam Wernik opposite Frenchman Chris Loan.

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