Treasure Island Media, Silver Steele are

SAN FRANCISCO — Treasure Island Media (TIM) is “Ready to Unload.” The hardcore all-male sexfest is now in wholesale/retail release from director Kenny Host.

The six-scene film — including a bonus hookup — runs approximately 130 minutes. A hardcore preview is available online to members through August 14, when the DVD will street.

The movie pairs off Jack Hammer and Dayton O’Connor; Jay Brix with Noah Paris; and Daddy Cream with Giovanni Summers.

Silver Steele is showcased three times: opposite JD Daniels, as the centerpiece of a birthday orgy and in a bonus scene with Scotty Rage.

“Dayton piledrives his dick into Jack’s face so hard, Jack gets a nosebleed,” a rep said. However, “Jack jumps back into action and fucks like the champion he is.” Elsewhere, Brix and mega-hung Paris fuck in a public stairwell, while Cream takes eager otter Summers for “a rough ride to Poundtown.”

“The real grand slam of ‘Ready to Unload,’” notes the rep, is “a 45-minute, eight-man Silver Steele gangbang.” The bonus scene finds Steele happily servicing “daddy-bear” Rage before they leave town.

Find hardcore previews, sceencaps and VOD/digital download details in the TIM online store.

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