Cherie DeVille Stars as Scintillating ET in Future Darkly Finale

MONTREAL — Season Two of Pure Taboo’s dystopian sci-fi series Future Darkly has come to a close with the release of its final episode, “The Ghost Rocket,” available now at

Centering around a UFO conspiracy theorist played by Michael Vegas, the “out-of-this-world” story tells the tale of an alien encounter with the beautiful extra terrestrial, Cherie DeVille. 

Written and directed by Adult Time’s CCO Bree Mills, DeVille has been sent to Earth to “breed” with a human male. According to plot synopsis, “[Vegas] can’t believe his luck until he’s bent over and she informs him that ‘This is how we breed,'” while revealing an anal probe.

“In classic Pure Taboo fashion, we went ahead and did something that hasn’t been done yet in a mainstream production,” explained Mills. “Thanks to our amazing cast, Michael and Cherie, for bringing to life this space-Age episode!” 

Vegas described the scene as a “game changer” and similarly, co-star Cherie DeVille noted, “I’ve never been so excited about one of my movies dropping. I may have people over to watch this one — it’s that good!” 

Click here for the full episode and trailer.

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